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 We sell cars that people drive because
  they want to, not because they have to..
We are a small business, specializing in classic sports cars,
kit cars, classic motorbikes, and other interesting vehicles.

Unlike many of todays larger motor dealers, we trade only
in vehicles that intrigue and excite us, and we like to think
that the cars we sell are just a little bit, well... Special.

All of our cars are handpicked, not just because they're
interesting, but also because they represent great value
for money.

We pride ourselves on our reputation and our passion for
what we do. We are enthusiasts- not salesmen - so please
drop us a line to talk about any of our cars. If you don't
buy one of ours, we may buy one of yours.!!

Our stock changes on a weekly basis, and we usually have
20 or so interesting vehicles. Please contact us if you have
any specific requirements.

Good luck in your search for that special classic...
Vehicle Detailing..

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R and S Classics supply rare and interesting classic cars and motorcycles
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classic to get underbonnet detailing

Vehicle Showroom..

.... Good classic sports cars and motorcycles URGENTLY required. We need YOUR classic. We buy outright, or sell on your behalf with NO commission charged ....
We have new stock arriving regularly.
Please check back often or contact us
to discuss your specific requirements.
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